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Let the Games Begin!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It's getting close to that time of the year: Summer. Time to get together with friends, play

In celebration of C. H. Grand's book about friendship, The Garden of Inverness, the SuperWeenee team has put together some new games for you and your friends to spend a fun day. We hope they help you create your own lasting friendship just like Kaladorsa and Ursala.

(Most of these games are best played with 4, or more friends)

Game 1

The Doofus Dance Off Challenge

Release your inner doofus in front of your best friends.

How to play:

1) Friends pick out a song

2) Take 10 minutes to choreograph the most ridiculous dance you can come up with.

3) Select your rock star/doofus attire.

4) Pick your most judy friend, or the wallflower, who will expertly evaluate your dancing skills and techniques.

5) Pass out small awards for most creative costumes, funniest choreography, best get down skills.

Game 2

BFF Match Game

Build camaraderie and laughter by matching cards with good deeds.

How to play:

1) Grab some index cards.

2) Take 2 cards and write the identical good deed or fun activity on each card.

Here are some examples to write on the cards:

- Create a secret handshake with the person who has this other card.

- Buy the person who has the other card their favorite beverage.

- Tell the person who has the matching card what you like best about them.

- Help the friend with the matching card with their chores for one day.

- Write a short story where the other friend is a hero (Or villain. You know them best).

- Tell the friend holding the matching card your favorite thing they did to help someone else.

- Exchange your favorite desserts with the person holding the other card.

- Teach a card game to the other person holding this card.

- Grab the lyrics of your favorite song and turn it into a duet with the friend holding the other card.

3) Mix the index cards around so that no one grabs the same card.

4) The first player reads out the card to the group to find the friend holding the matching card.

5) Both friends perform the good deed or activity.

6) Players go around until all cards have been matched.

Game 3

How Smart Are My Friends Scavenger Hunt

See if your friends are smart enough to get the clues to get a prize.

How to play:

1) Pick a location like a park, your neighborhood or even your house.

2) Hide your friends favorite things. Can be anything like:

- a gift card to their favorite place to eat

- their favorite candy

- a favorite collectible/toy

3) Text clues to your friends and see how fast and smart they really are.

Let us know how you and your friends enjoyed playing these games. And if you and your friends have a fun activity share them in the comments section.

And don't forget to get your copy of the book, The Garden of Inverness!

Book cover to The Garden of Inverness

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