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Ordinarily, Morgy's Monster Removal Services clean homes of the usual monster pest in closets and under beds, but lately, monster attacks have grown violent. Recent attacks have put kids in catatonic states and given them gray hair. They've also been stealing items no monster has a use for like security codes and chainsaws. The Morgy family are desperately trying to find answers for their nervous town, and trying to keep their home as Julius Foster is evicting families who don't fit the proper Pleasant Squire image. But it's 11-year-old Oliver Morgy's loneliness that's left him vulnerable to an evil influence and will deliver his family straight in to the new monster's clutches, teaching the Morgy's that not all monsters have sixty eyes, two butts, and a spiral set of teeth. The family will have to stay strong and united for the epic battle this new monster has planned. Their lives and the entire town's depend on it.

Brought toYou in Monstervision

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