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Design Ideas on A Shoebox String Budget

Hello, everybody! I'm back and changing lives again.

Fashion may be my true passion, but I also have a passion for helping others. Especially, when it comes to help decorating their living spaces. There's sooooo much boring decor styles in the doll world &, frankly, it's sad. So, if you don't have your plastic and cardboard dream house yet, never fear! Read below for some glamorous ideas for your shoebox house.

Entertainging Space with Friends

Check out what I did here for my friend, Nina.

Nina (from right, on sofa) needed a fun spot to entertain her friends on the weekend. Check out that cute rug that balances the space. I found this cloth napkin stashed away in a drawer, not being used. How ridic, right?

OMG! Check out that sofa! It adds such a vintage vibe to the space. It was such a score, too! I found this beauty at an antique dollar store.


There's nothing like coming home after a hard day of playing to a cozy bedroom. Check out this space I designed for myself.

Nothing like kicking off your heels and reading a good book in bed to get rid of all the playground stress. Ahhh!

When designing for a bedroom, keep it simple. Too much clutter and it ruins your chill vibes.

Secret Lair

Are you the type of doll planning to take over the world and you need a place to stage all of your dastardly plans? Look no further than the setup I created for Rebecca.

Rebecca needed a space to accommodate her minions, her computer systems, her arsenal of weapons. I really think I hit a home run here.

I'm really digging this skull. I did try to talk Rebecca into adding some glitter to it, to make it sparkle, but she really wanted to go with an intimidation vibe.

With some panache and a little bit of attitude, this villain's lair is ready to destroy the world when it launches that very stylish bomb you see in the background. Yay!

I hope you got some good ideas for your doll's shoebox house/lair. And remember my number 1 rule for style: Add more glitter! See you later, dolls!


Stay tuned to the SuperWeenee network so you don't miss any other informative specials we have for you this year. Until next time, SuperWeenees!

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