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Are You a SuperWeenee?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Are you a SuperWeenee


Okay, time to get out the pencils and calculators and take this SuperWeenee quiz. Good luck!

Each question answered yes is worth one point.

1) You take pride in being called a nerd or goofball.

2) Your idea of a superhero are little dogs.

3) You ponder the major questions in life like: Would a sick Bigfoot see a doctor or a veterinarian?

4) You wish your one superpower was to make your enemies fart loudly in public.

5) You live and survive on dumb jokes. And candy!

6) You keep monster repellant by your bed because, you know, like, just in case. Don't judge.

7) Have had war crime charges against you for photobombing.

8) Replaced your mom's Live. Laugh. Love. sign with your homemade Snot. Poop. Boobs. sign.

9) Currently working on some sick dance moves because you never know when you might be challenged to a dance off.

10) Would probably win the first Noble Prize for meme making.

11) You totally want to open a safe house for abused and neglected animals.

12) Your first words were: 'Knock, knock'.


If you scored 9 - 12 points: Woo hoo! You are a SuperWeenee to the core.

If you scored 8 - 5 points: On your way to SuperWeeneehood. A couple more dumb jokes and you got it.

If you scored 1 - 4 points: Gotta try harder. Looks like you need some SuperWeenee homework assigned to you.


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