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SuperWeenee Book Club

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Hosting a SuperWeenee book club

1. Get into the spirit of the book. Dress as the monster infesting your home, or dress as a monster remover. Get creative.

2. If you dressed as a monster remover make/design your weapon for trapping a monster. If you dresses as a monster come up with your best scare tactics.

3. Re-enact your favorite scene from the book. (My favorite: when the monsters are terrorizing the town with giant spitballs).

4. Snack break! Can't have a book club without a tasty snack and beverages.

5. Eat snacks and discuss Brought to You in Monstervision.

-Who's your favorite character?

-What would your monster morgue look like?

-If you could lead a monster horde to do whatever you wanted, what would you make them do?

6. End the club meeting with a monster hunt! Go outside, or stay inside, or do both. Test your monster removing and capturing skills by trying to capture your friends/monsters. Or, maybe the 'monsters' take over the town?

Above all read and have fun. And please, pretty please, share your costume pics with us on social media!

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