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Take Your Human to Work

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

If you didn't know Saturday was Take Your Human to Work day. I got to follow my dog, Sam, around to see how he spends his day. It was quite eye opening.

Collie dog
Staying Vigilant

We began the day strategizing how to keep the squirrels out of his yard. Apparently, these furry, little creatures have irritated dogs since the dawn of time. Nearly every waking moment for a dog is spent trying to protect their territory from squirrels.

Dog sleeping
Taking a nap

Nap time.

Collie and beagle dog
Alpha dogs

After nap time, our next task was networking. It's important to know who the competition is. It's a dog eat dog's bone world out there, says Sam. Got to know who's dominate and who will show their belly.

Dog sleeping
Time for my afternoon nap

Second nap time.

Dog with a burger

It's lunch. We agree on burgers and fries. He "forgot" his wallet. I pay.

Dog sleeping
Mid-afternoon nap

Aannnnnnd, another nap.

Dog using a cell phone
We need more squeak toys, stat!

Refreshed from his nap I listen in as he makes some sales call. This is an important time of year as an Importer/Exporter of dog toys. Supply chain issues are really bothering him worse than stray cats in his yard.

Dog looking at computer screen
Tummy and data says treat supplies are seriously down

Finally, Sam finishes his day by taking inventory of the treats he's been fed this week. I've fallen behind he tells me; I need to work more on this issue this week.

What an eye opening experience in my dog's daily life. I didn't know what a busy day he has. Well, can't wait to do this again next year. Wonder what he'll be doing next?


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