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The Rise and Stumble of Mini Pro Hoop Ball Player Dylan Davis

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Some dream of greatness, others achieve it. And Dylan Davis achieved greatness, if ever so briefly.

Drafted in 2019 by the storied franchise, the Coreyville Cooties, Davis was the most sought after Ultra Power Point Maker Guard since Ja'zed Nuzkowski. Quickly, Davis was breaking records in the Mini Pro Hoop Ball league.

Picture of mini pro hoop ball
Cooties Player of the Week
  • All time point leader in off-the-door rebounds

  • Longest leap from bed to rim

  • Leader in double, triple, super quad dunks

Davis was unstoppable. No defense could plan a strategy to stop this powerhouse in socks. Then, June 17, 2020 came. And what no defnse could do, a desk leg did. While attempting a Double, Twisty Corner shot, Davis stubbed his big toe really hard. It was the worst pain of his life, he would say later. Immediately, medical help from the team's mom gave assistance and helped him off the court, never to return to glory on the court.

Mini hoop ball player injured
Dylan Davis suffers career ending injury

Davis was never able to fully recover from the toe injury, and it went downhill from there. The endorsements dried up. Udders Chocolate Milk canceled their sponsorship; and when the sales for the Airflow Davis socks plummeted, Mike Sock Company donated the entire collection.

Nowadays, one can find the former Ultra Power Point Maker Guard sitting alone at a cafeteria table trying to block out the memories with sports drinks spike with popping candy.

But for those who play Mini Pro Hoop Ball, Davis is remembered as the greatest in the sport.

Mini hoop ball player making a slam dunk
Dylan Davis in his prime

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